Office of Space Utilization and Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I request additional space for my department?
Depending on the space needs, the process for accommodating a new space need can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more. Even though needs vary, the typical process for securing additional space, either on or off-campus, is outlined on our Request Forms page.

2. How can I obtain a list of spaces assigned to my department/unit?
OSM can provide Room Assignment Reports (RAF’s) listing all spaces assigned to any department/unit on campus.
Information on these reports can include, space type, area of the space, seating capacity and occupant.
Access to online PDF’s may be requested here.

3. Who do I contact for classroom related support?
All scheduling questions or concerns should be directed to the University Registrar’s Office:
All maintenance concerns including broken or missing furniture should be reported to Facilities Operations- Customer Service Center:
All classroom technology questions, or concerns should be directed to Classroom Technology: ITS classroom technology support staff can be reached by intercom within classrooms or by calling 336-334-5207.

4. How do I reserve space on campus for non-class events?
On and off campus users may contact the University Reservations Office to book spaces on campus:

5. Are there guidelines for purchasing furniture and equipment?
Yes, please contact the Purchasing Office for a list of approved vendors and additional information regarding furniture/equipment purchases. All furniture purchases must be reviewed by OSM for life safety code review.

6. Who handles move coordination on campus?
Any departmental move associated with a renovation project shall be coordinated by the assigned Project Manager in Facilities, Design, and Construction.
OSM may help departments to coordinate small moves that are a result of a new space assignment or reallocation of space.